We finally have our World Championship!! It feels so great saying that.  I have been a HUGE fan since i was 8 years old.  I remember watching the Cardinals that summer in 1982, and my favorite player, Bruce Sutter pitch for the Cards.  So  how sweet is it, that the next time we won after 1982, just happens to be the year he makes the hall of fame..I got a lump in my throat during that ninth inning, as images of Jack Buck & Darryl Kile came to mind.  Then i thought of all the Cardinals that i had admired over the years, many of whom were on that 1985 team that was robbed by a bad call.  People like Tom Herr, Ozzie Smith, Terry Pendleton, Darrell Porter, Jack Clark, Andy Van Slyke, Willie McGee, Vince Coleman, John Tudor, Danny Cox, Bob Forsch, Gregg Matthews, Todd Worrell,Tito Landrum, Tom Lawless, Whitey "The White Rat" Herzog, etc.  Also players such as Donovan Osborne, Bob Tewksbury, Gregg Jefferies, Brain Jordan, Ron Gant, Tom Paggnozzi, John Mabry, Matt Morris, Mike Matheny, Woody Williams, Larry Walker.  All the players that could have reveled in a championship but never did (except those on the ’82 squad).  It was a sweet moment of vindication, reward, triumph, and proved once again why baseball is the single most perfect sport in the entire world.

I am Josh Martin, and i am from Memphis, TN. I attend a ton of Memphis Redbirds’ games and this year I was able to make it to 13 St. Louis Cardinals’ games.  This blog is going to be about my thoughts and opinions about anything Cardinals related. So, by all means, write to me, and let’s start this journey together. I look forward to hearing from you….



  1. Steven

    Welcome to Blog baseball, Josh. I just started last week. I don’t know what day it is anymore. It’s always nice to recall 1982. I am a Brewers fan and that’s as close as we go tto feeling like a Cardinal 10 times now. Congratulations. Do you remeber the trade between the Cards and Brewers in 1980? What a bomb! We received Ted Simmons, Pete Vukovichh, and Rollie Fingers. You guys got Dave LaPoint, David Greene, Lary Sorenson, and somebody else. Fingers wins a Cy Young in 1981, Vukovich wins one the following year, and Simmons comes through in the clutch. The Cardinals were probably banking on Greene to be a big time player. We definately got the better deal, but then amazingly we met 2 years later in the Series. Ouch, you know th erest. Smart organization in St. Louis! Larussa is a joy to witness. Enjoy!

  2. Josh

    Yes Steve, i do remember that trade. I have always respected the Brewer organization, and i am thrilled they are in the National League in our division. Your club is a class act, top to bottom. Dave LaPoint, David Green, and Larry Sorenson never panned out. Do you remember when we traded pitcher Bob Sykes to the Yankees for a young Willie McGee? That was as good of a trade for the Cardinals, as the one you mentioned was for the Brewers. Anyway, thanks for the nice words, and i hope to talk to you regularly on here..


    This has nothing to do with baseball, but I’m trying to find an old friend. This picture sure does look like the Josh that I’m looking for, but have you ever known an Amy Fuqua?

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