Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy


Well, as you know, Walt Jocketty is going to have some serious decisions to make this offseason.  One of the main ones, and one that i would like to discuss here, is whether or not to keep Jim Edmonds.  He has an option year on his contract that the Cardinals can exercise for $10 Million, or a $ 3 Million buyout.  So, if we were to send him walking, we would have to find someone as good or better for $7 Million or it wouldnt make sense.  Personally, Jim is probably my favorite Cardinal, and i would love to see him come back for another year.  He is a very streaky player offensively, and in my opinion, his numerous injuries prevented him from really getting into the type of groove he is capable of.  He still put up decent numbers, despite missing a lot of playing time.  At 36, i would argue that he is still the best defensive centerfielder in the game.  I know I am probably going to have that opinion challenged, but all things considered, he is an eight time gold glover that  also provides the kind of leadership that you can’t measure with statistics.  I know that it will cost the Cardinals, but in my opinion there are other areas where we can be frugal, but Jimmy isn’t one of them…Any thoughts, anyone?



  1. J

    Until the playoffs this year I thought for sure Edmonds would be bought out. He may have just played himself into the Cardinals picking up his option.

  2. Tracy

    I think that Jimmy’s option is a bargain as far as outfielders are concerned; and if the Cards grant Encarnacion’s trade request, that would make one less outfielder they would have to find. Edmonds is also the only everyday outfielder the Cardinals have right now, and they could use the extra money and time to sort out their pitching situation which is by far a bigger problem.



  3. Josh

    Thanks for the feedback. J, i agree with you, that Edmonds was probably headed out of St. Louis until the playoffs. Now there is more of a decision. I sort of look at Edmonds as a type of leader similar to Johnny Damon on the ’04 Red Sox. It was a mistake to let him go, and it would be a mistake to let Edmonds go. You can’t measure leadership with a statistic or with dollar signs.

  4. Josh

    Thanks for writing Tracy. I agree with you 100% and have addressed the pitching problem and solution as i see it in today’s blog. I would love to get your opinion on that. Thanks for writing and i hope to hear from you often

  5. Josh

    You & I have talked about the Andruw Jones thing all year, and i still think that $13,500,000 a year for a career .267 hitter is crazy. Now THAT is a diva…

    Not saying he wouldn’t be a good fit, but if we did, we could count on a horrible pitching staff.

  6. reid290@bellsouth.net

    Cards need to keep Jimmy! He is a vet and a leader in the clubhouse. This guy deserves to finish his career as a Redbird. I agree he is still the best defensive CF in the NL. Plus don’t forget Jimmy’s flair for the dramatic. He is still clutch. Get rid of Encarnacion and by the way Sheffeild is now available (dollars probably don’t work though). Gurner, don’t hate Jimmy just cuz he is beautiful.

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