Gonzo to the Gateway?

Gonzo2Could Luis Gonzalez be headed to the Gateway City?  Greg Clifton his agent, said that Luis said he "has never seen fans like that", speaking of the St. Louis fans.  He seemed to have caught Cardianls’ Fever while broadcasting the post-season as part of the FOX broadcasting crew.  Even thought he will be 40 next September, he was second in the league in doubles with 52 this past year, and hit .271 with 15 home runs.  I am not sure how i feel about this.  He earned over $10.6 million in 2006.  The Cardinals Walt Jocketty admits he tried to trade for him this past summer and is still interested.  Gonzo’s agent says 9 teams have contacted him about the outfielder.  He could serve a Larry Walker role for us if we were to get him.  A lot of this would depend on how talks with Jimmy go as well.  If Jim Edmonds and the Cardinals are unable to come to terms, then we might explore something like this, even though we would still have to pay Edmonds’ $3 million buyout. We couldn’t even begin to afford his salary unless Jimmy left or we were able to dump some salary by trading Izzy.  I am still thinking on this one, I may have more to say at a later time.  But it isn’t a crazy thought to think that one day Gonzo could be wearing the birds on the bat, stranger things have happened.

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….



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