Yadie Was Robbed!!

Yadier_4_5_05_throws_to_first_for_outThe crime rate just went up in St. Louis.  The Gold Glove was taken away from Yadier Molina and given to Brad Ausmus.  Are you kidding me?  Yadier’s .216 batting average was ok BECAUSE he is such a STUD behind the dish.  He is second to none.  I have to say, that when I heard that Brad Ausmus had won the award, i was more surprised than the many baserunners that were caught napping too far from 1st base this year and subsequently plucked out with precision.  I will give credit where credit is due, and yes, it is true that Brad only had 2 errors all season long, and one passed ball, but it is easy to not have passed balls when you have Clemens, Pettitte, and Oswalt throwing to you.  Yadier had to deal with Sidney Ponson, Jason Marquis, and a bullpen that wasnt always at the top of their game.  When I look at catchers I look at their ability to call pitches, set up correctly, fire to 2nd quickly, make the out on a play at home, and be the leader on the field.  I mean, the Astros were considering not even bringing Ausmus back this past year, until Clemens said he would only come back if Ausmus was his catcher.  Anyway, I am convinced that his Batting Average hurt him, even though it isnt supposed to be considered in determining the best defensive player at each position.  He will be ok offensively, so don’t worry Cardinal Nation.  Look what he did in the post-season.  Look what he did in 2005 (.252).  I am just at a loss of words.  He has picked up the high caliber expected of Cardinals catchers right where Mike Matheny left off.  And I hope he is our back-stop for years to come.  Yadier you are the Gold Glove award winner in my opinion.  The good news is that Brad Ausmus will be walking with a cane to come and watch you play soon, he is over the hill.

So there you have it.  Agree? Disagree? Let me hear from you out there…..



  1. Thomas

    Ausmus led basically every category besides caught stealing and had almost 200 more put outs. 200 more batters never got a chance to steal a base due to Ausmus… Game set match. Yadier was by no means robbed.. he was 2nd best this year. Ausmus is regarded as one of the best at calling game, hence why Roger Clemens wanted him back. Don’t let your Cardinal bias blur the facts.

    If you want to talk about getting robbed, people could make a case that Helton should have won the GG at first and that Freddie Sanchez of the Pirates got beat out by Rolen who’s fielding percentage was almost 20 points below Sanchez!


  2. goblinsaki@hotmail.com

    I wasn’t going to post but you asked for it. Pujols gold glove? Helton should have won that award. It helps that Pujol’s is probably the most dominant offensive weapon in the major leagues AND an excellent fielder. But he should not have won the gold glove this year, especially using your theories on fielding. Now lets put Rolen in the spotlight. Actually lets turn the lights out and talk about the real shining star at 3rd base: Freddy Sanchez. The only reason he didn’t win the award was because he played too many games at SS! Now for your real complaint about Ausmus. The biggest reason Ausmus wasn’t going to be signed was so that the Astros could make him their next Manager! I mean, would you sign him to play if you think that he can turn your whole ball club around as the coach? (Tongue and cheek btw I don’t really believe that but it’s kind of funny) Ausmus may not have the explosive arm that Yadi has but I’ll take Ausmus over Yadi anyday. 1 passed ball all fricking season?!?!?! And thats catching Lidge all year (who was more erratic than ever btw). Ausmus is the best catcher in the NL. How many runs do you think Ausmus saved that were on 3rd base this year alone by blocking balls in the dirt? Also who much more effective do you think a pitcher is knowing that he can throw every pitch in his arsenal at any point in the game with runners on 3rd, knowing that the ball won’t go to the backstop unless they throw it over. Yadi will have his time, but it’s not this year and it probably won’t be next year either.

  3. Josh

    Thomas, Thank you for writing. I was wondering how long it would take an Astros fan to find this site. This is only a few days old, and I would love to have more than just Cardinals fans, so welcome. I visited your site, and i must say, it is very well done. While i think that Brad Ausmus is a super catcher, i just don’t care about the 200 more put outs, catching a strike three can often times be a put out, and how does that make you a gold glover. We could argue statistics all day, but i guess I think there is a “wow factor” involved here too. I mean, how many times did they show Yadier on Sports Center picking off people at 1st Base, or catching them trying to steal. By the way, Molina threw out 44% (29 out of 66) of runners at 2nd base, compared to 22% (17 out of 77). Now those are facts. I think you may have some Astro Bias. Ausmus is a very good catcher, but at the end of the day I think we are arguing to no avail. You have your opinion and I have mine. But see if you at least will agree with this….They are the 2 best defensive catchers in the National League.

  4. Josh

    For the arguement about Ausmus having to catch Lidge, well, Yadier had to catch Izzy. I think we have indeed found something we agree on, and that is that is was near impossible at times this past year to catch either one of those two.

  5. Josh

    As far as Scott Rolen not being worthy, well he started 141 games at third and played over 1215 innings, compared to Sanchez’s 92 starts at 3rd base and 821 innings. You may be right when you say he played to many games at SS, but how can you give a guy a Gold Glove at a position when he doesn’t always even play that position. I am not taking anything away from Freddy, but if that were the case, then Scott Spiezio should get a Gold Glove too, playing 3 infield postions plus the outfield for us this year. He played 1st and 2nd base without a single error, and only 1 in the outfield. Freddy Sanchez has a bright future, but to win a Gold Glove you have to be the best in the league at ONE position. Scott Rolen is that man, and will be again next year.

  6. Josh

    As far as Todd Helton, i have to give you some credit. His stats are impressive. They are similar to Pujols. Helton has a .997 to Pujols’ .996 fielding average. Pujols has more assists but Helton has more put outs. That is why they vote and don’t go strictly off the stats. Once again the wow factor. I know a LOT about Todd Helton. I am from Memphis and watched him as the backup quaterback at Tennessee, and he is born on the same day and year as me. I have followed his career very closely. I just think that there are plays that Pujols makes (Game 5 of the 2006 World Series, see the photo above) that Helton wouldn’t even get to. The same goes for Rolen. His size alone means he gets to more balls than others might.

  7. Thomas

    Even if you take put outs out of the equation.. Ausmus still lead in 4 of the 5 main categories..

    Just an odd stat… Rafael Palmeiro won the gold glove at first base while only playing 28 games at first base in 1999… You can’t take away from what Sanchez did at 3rd because he played multiple positions.

    I’m amazed you brought in Spezio in a gold glove debate… .932 at 3b and .972 in the OF.. I could put up those numbers at those positions… Ya he didn’t make an error all year at 1b or 2b… and he had a ******** 80 total chances to screw it up.. big deal.

  8. Josh

    I can absolutely take it away from Sanchez. The Gold Gloves are position specific. That is why they vote on things like this instead of just going off stats. My opinion is you should play the position to win a Gold Glove at that position. I disagree with someone like Palmeiro winning a Gold Glove under those circumstances. As far as Spiezio, I wasn’t saying he was Gold Glove worthy. I think Taguchi is our best outfielder besides Edmonds. My point with Spiezio (and maybe I should have been more specific) is that i was saying he shouldn’t be considered at any one position because he plays so many, and, that Freddy Sanchez also played so much shortstop that he should be considered a utility player. Not to the extent that Spiezio was, but that neither of them should be in the running at all. I was speaking from an eligibility standpoint, not saying Spezio deserved it. I think Spiezio is one **** of a player and I love having him as a Cardinal. But he is by no means Gold Glove worthy. Since you brought up Palmeiro, i am curious…What is your opinion on the steroid issue as it applies to his statistics? Maybe we can write a separate article when it is the middle of winter and we are looking for topics…

  9. Thomas

    I’m thinking Palmeiro probably started taking steroids after he started going down hill in attempt to bring himeself back to the level he used to play at… but, once a steroid user, always a steroid user… If this lost him his HOF shot I wouldn’t hold it against the voters… even though I think he should go in.

  10. holtj@mail.enr6.k12.mo.us

    Speaking of catchers. I really like Yadier Molina, but I thought it was really sad when I heard the news that Mike Mattheny had retired. He was a corner post of the Cardinals for many of their great seasons, it was a shame that he wasn’t able to stick around with the Cards to enjoy their World Championship last season.

    Here’s to you Mike, and thank you for being a great Cardinal.


    Carthage, Missouri

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