The 2007 Bullpen

Logoalternate19491959Earlier, I addressed the starting rotation, in my article entitled "Pitching, Pitching, Pitching".  Now I would like to start a series of articles where I will address what I would like to see happen regarding the bullpen.  After yesterday’s signing of Randy Keisler, we now have four lefties in our bullpen that are on the active roster: 1.Tyler Johnson 2. Randy Flores 3. Ricardo Rincon (That’s right, he should be healthy) 4. Randy Keisler.  I don’t see all four on the opening day roster, but I do see possibly three of them making the team.  I have to say that the role of Steve Kline/Ray King should fall on the shoulders of Tyler Johnson.  The Left handed specialist/set up role, where LaRussa has always had a go to Lefty that can come through big should be given to Tyler.  Anyone that watched the post-season saw that NASTY curveball he threw up there.  He is VERY exciting to watch, and I am glad we have him on our team.  I watched him a lot this year in Memphis, and I think he wil be a member of our team for a long time.  Tony LaRussa has said, "He has plus stuff.  Many of his pitches are unhittable.  He’s just got to be consistent getting them over the plate." So  let me work the bullpen backwards.  In my opinion, the clear choice for closer is Adam Wainwright.  He is a much cheaper option than Izzy, has shown to perform in the clutch (World Series Closer), and biggest of all is that Izzy probably won’t be ready to pitch till later on in the season anyway.  If I were Walt Jocketty, I would trade Izzy NOW for whatever you could get, to unload his salary.  You might end up with a surprise like we did in Aaron Miles, when we traded Ray King to Colorado last year.  Not only that, but the cash freed up by dumping Izzy’s salary would enable us to go after a top quality starter.  So, Wainwright is my closer.  Braden Looper is my right handed set up man.  The above mentioned Tyler Johnson would have the left handed specialist/set up duties as well.  Also in the pen I would have Josh Kinney, Josh Hancock, and Randy Flores.  The remaining spots could be filled out by Ricardo Rincon, Randy Keisler, Brad Thompson, and possibly Chris Narveson.  That is assuming we don’t pick up a free agent of a higer caliber than those just mentioned.  I am sure my bullpen will evolve as the off season does, but if I had to pick it today, these would be my choices.  I would get Jorge Sosa out of town so fast that he would pass Jason Marquis on the expressway out of St. Louis.  He showed me NOTHING.  Yeah, so he can throw fast.  Big deal, most of the Major League hitters I saw tee off on him weren’t that impressed either.  Neither were the Braves when they got rid of him.  So here you go here is my 2007 Bullpen if I had to set it up today:







Wainwright    Looper         Johnson      Kinney            Hancock         Flores         Rincon
Closer            Set Up         LHP/Set Up  RHP               RHP                LHP             LHP

This still leaves out some people that could make the squad, like Brad Thompson, Randy Keisler, Chris Narveson (who led the 2006 Memphis Redbirds in Wins),Brian Falkenborg, and Andy Cavazos.  Chris Narveson could even prove to be a starter one day, so maybe you leave him down in Memphis.  And don’t forget Alan Benes, who I wrote about yesterday.  Should he not make the rotation, he could contribute from the bullpen, similar to a Cal Eldred role, a veteran comeback player with a lot of knowledge.

So there you have it, so far.  My thoughts may change as the season nears.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….


  1. RumorMill

    I think I’d keep Izzy for now, and trade him during the year. Right now he’s injured and not worth much (I would guess). If he comes back strong the worst case senario, we have another strong arm in the pen, best case, we can trade him for a piece closer to the deadline and improve the club then.

  2. Josh

    I agree, a healthy Izzy would be worth more than the current one. Good point. But, IF there is a team that would take a risk on him I would move him faster than Vince Coleman running to 2nd base back in the day.


    As far as I’m concerned, I’d put Izzy on the block as soon as he’s healthy. Wainwright is the heir apparent for a “slam the door shut” type of closer the Redbirds need!
    Looper as a set up man is a no brainer too although I’d like to see him more pasionate in his pitching.

    Out of all of them you mentioned I think the one that the Redbirds do NOT want to lose is Josh Kinney. I like his stuff and composure on the mound! (There is a fine line to be drawn between Passion and composure…)

    Josh Hancock (What’s with this name “Josh” anyway?) has the fire within and is also a keeper in spite of the fact that he got dinged up a little in the playoffs. (Did you catch his tirade in the dugout ? His ballglove will never be the same!)

    I think the weak link out of all of them is Rincon, healthy or not.

  4. Josh

    Kinney is another one that I got a look at in Memphis a lot. I agree. I don’t know if you know his entire story, but he was almost out of baseball totally, then got back through an independent league team and was subsequently signed by the Cardinals. I will buy Hancock a new glove if he will stick around, I like what I saw out of the former Auburn standout pitcher. Rincon, I am not sure what to think. We picked him up last year from the A’s to fill the Ray King spot, but he was injured all year. Unless he just dazzles me, we have many more young lefties to opt for. At 37, he better show me a lot. I would say the jury is still out on him.

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