The Case For Kennedy

Adam1013 It seems as if a homecoming of sorts may be in order, and from a couple of standpoints actually.  Adam Kennedy, the double play partner for David Eckstein on the 2002 World Champion Aneheim Angels, as well as a former St. Louis Cardinal, is rumored to be a possibility at 2nd base.  Multiple unconfirmed rumors have led me to believe that the Cardinals have made offers to Mark Loretta, Ronnie Belliard, and Kennedy, basically to see who wants the job bad enough.  Assuming those rumors are true, my choice is Kennedy.  He strikes out WAY less than Belliard.  Kennedy is a lifetime .280 hitter, with two seasons of .300 or better.  He has excellent chemistry with David Eckstein.  Loretta lines up comparable to Kennedy, but is five years older.  He is a lifetime .299 hitter.  He would also be a good choice.  But in my opinion Kennedy is a better option.  Kennedy has played everyday for a World Champion, he has wonderful chemistry with Eckstein, and was brought up through the Cardinals system.  He was just on the brink of catching on with the Cardinals, when he was traded along with Kent Bottenfield to the Angels for some guy named JIM EDMONDS.  Personally, if I were Walt Jocketty, I would have considered giving Aaron Miles a shot at the everday job.  He would be my first choice.  But he will provide a good player off the bench hopefull since we seem intent on filling the job via a free agent.  It is becoming a pattern in St. Louis where we don’t spend much on 2nd base, and get a good caliber player only for them to move on.  Fernando Vina, Placido Palanco, Tony Womack, Mark Grudzeilanek, Ronnie Belliard, etc.  Belliard would be ok, but I have heard he wants to go to the Mets and will be too much money for too little results.Adam_kennedy_1  He had wanted to go back to Cleveland but then they went out and snagged Josh Barfield, so that would seem unlikely.  No matter who ends up at 2nd base, I am sure of one thing and that is that the Cardinals aren’t as concerned about that as they are about their pitching.  In my opinion Kennedy is the man, assuming that Miles is destined to be a bench player.  Miles did an excellent job filling in at shortstop for Eckstein this past year, and would provide a great back up at either position should injuries occur.  It is obvious though, that Walt is looking to bring in a bigger name though, and leave Miles in that role.  It is probably going to cost in the ballpark of 3.5 million to get Kennedy, but that is a good price if he continues to produce.  My prediction is that very soon you will see Adam in the Cardinals uniform.

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….


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