Cards Ink Kip Wells & Adam Kennedy

396e8c444901460dbb274157670f8c0b_1Walt Jocketty, seen here with the newest Cardinals Kip Wells (Left) and Adam Kennedy (Right), is known for finding talented players at affordable prices, and he came through big again.  I predicted that Adam would be our next 2nd baseman, and we got him for 3 years at $10 Million.  The former Cardinals’ 1st round drat pick will finally patrol 2nd base again, this time with his old teamate Eckstein as his double play partner.  Kennedy was also the 2002 ALCS MVP, hitting 3 homers in one game.  He had a 17 game hit streak in 2006.  So we are getting a REALLY good 2nd baseman.  I must say that if I could pick our infield from scratch with money being no object, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love having Pujols, Kennedy, Eckstein, and Rolen.  I think that he is a much better option than bringing back Belliard for too much money and possibly less productivity.  Now, on to Kip Wells.  Walt Jocketty, Tony, and Duncan have been wanting him for a while and think that he could live up to his potential in St. Louis.  He is only signed for one year at $4 million, so there is little risk involved.  He can definately fill the Marquis shoes if nothing else.  His career ERA of 4.46 suggest mediocrity, and his win/loss record is 57 wins and 74 losses.  On the surface he doesn’t impress.  He even led the majors in losses in 2005 with 18, but the key word here is potential.  He had a blocked artery near his right shoulder that has been operated on and corrected, and he just had pins removed from his foot the week the Cardinals signed him.  Dave Duncan has said that he sees some things he can correct with Wells, and history shows to listen to him.  One average pitcher after another has become a Duncan Desciple, to find stardom or to re-disvover it.  Duncan has proven that one teams trash, can be another teams treasure.  Just look at Weaver, the winning pitcher in Game 5 of the World Series to prove that.  So, in my opinion, Kip Wells, will be interesting to watch as he succeeds or fails under Duncan, but overall, I like the acquisition.  It is low risk, and has the potential to really pay off.  We shall see..
So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….


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