Chris Carpenter: At Home in St. Louis

Chris_carpenter_041006_2The Cardinals gave Chris Carpenter a 5 year, $63.5 Million Dollar contract extension, with an option for a 6th year that would bring the total deal to $77.5 Million.  If the option is exercised, that would mean that Chris would be a Cardinal through at least the 2012 season.  WOW!! Great move Walt, Great move Cardinals.  He is the BEST pitcher in baseball, hands down, and has proven himself to be the ace among aces.  I can’t say enough good things about him.  He throws some of the nastiest stuff I have ever seen.  His curveball is just mind boggling.  His mature and reserved demeanor fit well with the LaRussa/Duncan way of thinking.  I am SO glad that we have Pujols and Carpenter both signed to long term deals.  With the winter meetings here, the Cardinals decided not to go out and jump on the "crazy train", but to reward on of the few starters they already had under contract for 2007.  In my opinion this was a good move.  When you seem money being thrown around, like $10 million a year for guys who have as many wins as losses in their careers, you have to wonder just how crazy the bidding would have gotten if we had allowed him to ever become a free agent.  This was a wise move.  A lot of Carinals fans are upset that we lost on Jason Schmidt, that will will probably lose on Suppan, and Zito as well.383196_1  But look at it this way,
  sometimes the best move that Walt could do is not to make one at all.  True, we need some more starters, but we will find them at a reasonable price.  It would make NO sense to me to pay a Suppan, Weaver,Meche, Woody, Eaton, Batista, etc more than Carp.  If the season started today we would be fine.  We would have Carpenter, Wainwright (I know I wrote an article on him being our closer, but it seems that they are intent on bringing Izzy back), Reyes, Wells, and someone at the fifth spot.  I am VERY confident that we will sign another pitcher or acquire one through a trade, but worst case scenario, we would be fine.  Alan Benes is in Memphis, Chris Narveson could do it, Brad Thompson could do it, even Braden Looper and Josh Kinney have been suggested.  Besides, I am somewhat confident that we may re-sign Weaver to fill out the rotation.   And knowing that LaRussa plans on putting Izzy back in the closer role has made me rethink my opion on Wainwright, which i will address in a future article.  So go ahead, watch the Cubs and Astros spend CRAZY money and still be watching us win the division next year for the 4th year in a row.  But the spending has to start to protect what we already have.  That is why paying Carpenter and locking him up long term is about the best news I could ever report and comment on.

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….


P.S. – I was standing in the stands in the picture above, watching the greatest 2 Cardinals Pitchers of all time throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch at the New Busch Stadium on April 10, 2006.  Chris and Bob Gibson, now that would have been one heck of a duo…

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