Here’s To You Mike

36e35eca5182449897a8700ed8d5f4f2bigI know this site is about the St. Louis Cardinals, and I try to keep my personal life and other interests out of it, but I can’t let this go without commenting.  I am a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide fan, my entire family being from Alabama.  And I must say that the University of Alabama Athletic Director is an IDIOT.  Firing Shula was stupid, shows impatience yet again from a college that is covered in tradition and now has people turning down the job.  Mike Shula was a great coach and an even better man.  He took over a program that was being punished and on probation with a reduced number of scholarships.  That meant poorer recruiting, which meant less talent (for a while anyway).  But he took the job and went 10-2 last year.  Then he had some close games this year, one being against Floridia.  Sure he finished with a record of 6-6, but come on, programs aren’t turned around overnight.  I am so  disappointed in the University that I have rooted for my whole life.  Mike, just because some stupid idiots think you aren’t worthy to coach at Bama, doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands upon thousands of people who would love to have you as coach anyday.  So leave with your head held high, displaying the same class that you did when you followed the disgraced Mike Price as the new coach for Alabama.  And don’t worry, I am sure they will compare the next coach to Bear Bryant as well.  But every Alabama fan needs to hear me well when I say, "THE BEAR IS FERTILIZER".  He is dead.  So stop comparing every coach we get to him.  In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than Mike Shula.  I am a little less of a fan than I was before, and I am laughing at the joke they have become when West Virginia’s coach toys with Alabama, only to stay at West Virginia.  Don’t get my wrong, I will always pull for Alabama, but I lost a little respect for them today.  Coach_shula

Now Back to the St. Louis Cardinals……

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