Maloney takes the Helm in Memphis

Chris_maloneyChris Maloney has been promoted to manage AAA Memphis for 2007.  He has been in the Cardinals organization for 15 years (1988-2001, 2004-present) and was most recently manager for the AA Springfield Cardinals in 2006.  Memphis  struggled last year, despite some talent on the team.  Maybe this will be a fresh change for a better 2007.  Then again, If the Cardinals win the World Series every year, I don’t give a **** what Memphis’ record is.  I got to see Tyler Johnson, Chris Narveson, Anthony Reyes, Brian Daubach, Chris Duncan, John Gall, Brian Falenborg, Josh Kinney, Alan Benes, Bo Hart, John Nelson, John Rodriguez, Travis Hanson, Mark Mulder (rehab start), among others.  I love my Redbirds and here’s to a better 2007.  I think Maloney will be a great manager, and I am glad the Cardinals promoted from within the organization.
So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….

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