Please NO Pavano

Carl_pavano3This one is a no brainer.  We do NOT want Carl Pavano.  C’mon, I mean, has the  market gotten so bad that we are salivating over an oft-injured pitcher that hasn’t pitched a single inning since June of 2005?  Do we need a guy that is 61-64 lifetime? I mean Jason Marquis at least had a winning record of 56-52.  Carl Pavano is ALWAYS injured, and even witheld information to the team doctors about injuries he got from a car accident.  Do we want that kind of **** on our team? NO, THIS IS A NO BRAINER.  I do not want to see the Cardinals join the crazy club and throw a TON of money at a pitcher with a losing record.  He did have ONE good year, I will give him that.  As a member of the Marlins in 2004 he went 18-8 wigh a 3.00 ERA.  But one good year doesn’t mean he is a stud.  Quite the contrary.  As a member of the World Champion 2003 Marlins he had a losing record.  If we wanted this kind of a pitcher we would have signed Marquis again, and gotten more for less.  Pavano has two years and $22.95 Million left on his contract, and if any team did get him, they would no doubt want the Yankees to absorb much of the cost. Carl_pavano2 He is so terrible that he will probably not even make the rotation on the Yankees, now that they have Pettite and the rights to the Japaneese left hander Kei Igawa.  Mix in Randy Johnson and Mike Mussina and the Yankees are more than eager to unload Pavano.  Not only do we not need Pavano, but the Yankees would most certainly over value him when trading him, which would  mean we would be stuck giving up a lot for nothing.  Remember what we gave up for Mulder (Daric Barton, Kiko Calero, and Den Haren)?  And Pavano is no Mulder.  Some might argue that that trade was a bust.  I personally liked Walt trading for Mulder, and we had no way of knowing what would happen injury wise.  Mulder though was a premier pitcher.  Pavano is most definately not.  Do we really want to lose anyone we have now, for Pavano?  I know we need another starter, but I would move someone from the bullpen to that role before trading my future for a lying loser with a costly paycheck.  Read the article before this one (below it) and see if you don’t think one of those options would be as good as Pavano.  There comes a point where mediocrity can no longer demand such outlandish money.  Having given my opinion on Pavano, there are a few other pitchers on the Cardinals’ radar that wouldn’t be bad options.  Batista will probably sign with the Mariners, but he would have been a better option than Pavano.  And I still maintain that Jeff Weaver is a strong possibility to re-sign with the Cards.  Jeff Weaver has already proven he can flourish under Duncan, so why not get aggressive with him?  My guess is that Scott Boras will focus on his other clients like Zito, then focus on Weaver and when he does, the Cardinals stand a good chance of landing him again.  But no Pavano….no Pavano…

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….


  1. Brady

    I say yes to Pavano. His worst injury if I remember correctly came from a car wreck…if the Yankees wanted him and payed that much for him, there’s got to be some pretty good potential there. If he can stay out of the car accidents and other freak injuries, I think he can be a legit #2 or #3 starter.


    In the Cards

  2. Josh

    Your site is awesome, and I love reading it. This is the first time we seem to have disagreed. If the Cards do sign him, don’t get me wrong, I will get on board with the idea. I just don’t like it now. Anyone Duncan has his eye on is worth a look. I just don’t see it with Pavano. Maybe I am wrong, I would love to be wrong and we land a 15-20 game winner. But I really would prefer Weaver or someone else.

    – Josh

  3. Brady

    I appreciate the compliments, your blog is definitely a worthwhile read, too. Of course, while we disagree, we do agree that anyone that ol’ Dave has his eye on is definitely someone of interest. Do you have any type of instant messenger? I have an idea I’d like to discuss with you about the two blogs.

    AIM- MLBloggerBrady

    Yahoo- stlfan_33…I don’t use Yahoo much, though.

    My e-mail is

  4. Josh

    Sounds Great… My email is
    I have instant messenger, but haven’t used it in years, and it isn’t even installed on my computer. Email is the best way to contact me, or by phone at (901) 283-0892.

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