Mulder Stays With Cards

Mark_and_dave_3_8_05_4Mark Mulder just re-signed with the Cardinals about an hour ago.  It was a 2 year deal worth $13 Million, with an option for a third year.  It is an incentive laden contract, that could possibly bring the total contract to $45 million over the 3 year period.  The Mulder signing takes our rotation and makes it that much stronger.  He will not play a full season this year, but I am hoping he pitches about 2/3 of the season. I have heard anything from May till the All Star break as far as speculation for his return.  This gives the Cardinals a rotation of Carpenter, Mulder, Wainwright, Wells, & Reyes.  We still have our other options of Brad Thompson, Braden Looper, or Chris Narveson to fill Mulder’s spot until he returns.  I personally would like to see Narveson given the shot to make the team.  This signing also changes the level of desire for Jeff Weaver.Mark_mulder_041006_4
  I imagine we will still talk to him, but we don’t need him near as bad as we did at this time yesterday.  I knew Walt would come through, and I am tired of all the Cardinals fans who consider our team cheap when it comes to spending money.  I prefer to think of us as smart and prudent.  I have seen crazy money thrown at talent in years past, but this is the first ever off-season where I have seen crazy money thrown at mediocrity.  I mean Gil Meche for around $10 million, give me a break! So I am glad that the Cardinals are willing to spend but spend wisely.  I feel like today we took a big step towards success in ’07.

So there you have it.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me hear from you out there….




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